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Attractive Nuisance

San Diego Attractive Nuisance Lawyer

Chula Vista, California Hazardous Premises Attorney

Seeking Justice for Injured California Children Since 1998

Has your child been seriously injured on a portion of property attractive to their sense of play and curiosity?

Was negligence by the property owner a contributing factor to the injury?

If so, we can help at Law Offices of Louis J. Bertsche in San Diego.

An attractive nuisance lures children to investigate it, and serious injuries can result. Abandoned construction and work sites and swimming pools are typical attractive nuisances.

Don't let factors such as trespassing laws or a physician's minimization of your child's injuries prevent your child from seeking compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering. Skilled child injury attorney Louis J. Bertsche's has established a track record of success over 15 years of service to Southern California clients.

Contact us today, toll-free: 866-930-8617 or 619-573-6065 locally. We also welcome your e-mails. Your free initial consultation will tell us a lot about what happened and give us an idea of how we can help you.

Hard Work, Compassion, Personal Attention to Your Child's Personal Injury

Prime examples of attractive nuisances that may cause serious injury, hospitalization or wrongful death include:

§ Construction sites and heavy construction equipment

§ Inadequately cordoned or maintained swimming pools

§ Trenches

§ Open pits

§ Wells

§ Abandoned refrigerators or freezers

§ Swimming pools

An agricultural area such as El Centro in Imperial County is another example of a potential attractive nuisance. Wherever your child's injury occurred in Southern California, we are here for you with sound legal advice, support and honest answers to your questions.

Our mission is to help your family through this difficult time and see that no other child has to suffer an injury on the unsafe property in question. Phone us toll-free or e-mail us to arrange your free consultation with attorney Louis J. Bertsche.

Parents of "Attractive Nuisance" Victims, Call 866-930-8617 or 619-573-6065

Contact us today. We can meet with you at a time and venue convenient for you and provide Spanish language translation if necessary.

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