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Dog Bites

San Diego Dog Bites Lawyer

Quality Legal Representation for Dog Bite Victims

Have you been the victim of a vicious dog bite or animal attack?

Respected personal injury attorney Louis J. Bertsche works hard to get justice for you, your child or another loved one who is the victim of an animal attack.

The Law Offices of Louis J. Bertsche actively seeks compensation from the negligent owner of the dog that bit you or your child to help with medical bills, along with pain and suffering. In California, the law places strict liability on owners of domestic pets.

A statute of limitations places time constraints on your ability to seek justice. Start this necessary process today by contacting our San Diego law offices.

A painful dog bite could forever impact you or your child's opinions of otherwise gentle animals. You may have already assumed that the attacking dog was safe to be around, due to others who have encountered the animal in the past, without incident. We take your emotional scars into account, your "pain and suffering" as well as medical bills you've accumulated during your treatment when seeking compensation. Many individuals often sustain scarring and disfigurement that requires plastic surgery in the future. It is possible to also seek compensation for future medical expenses.

Don't ignore an animal attack. Contact the Law Offices of Louis J. Bertsche today. We return after-hours messages promptly. Call 866-930-8617 or 619-573-6065.

Attorney Louis J. Bertsche: Hard-Working, Compassionate, Detail-Minded

The San Diego-based dog bite and personal injury Law Offices of Louis J. Bertsche will help you seek recovery if you have sustained a painful animal bite, including one from dog breeds such as a:

  • Pit bull
  • Rottweiler
  • Doberman
  • Dalmatian
  • German shepherd
  • Bull mastiff

Our personal injury attorney also handles dog bites as premises liability cases, representing postal and UPS workers, door-to-door salespersons and pizza delivery people who have suffered an animal attack or dog bite. We have taken up the causes of injured people in Southern California for over 15 years.

Contact a San Diego and Coronado Dog Attack Attorney

Contact us by toll-free phone or e-mail to schedule your free initial consultation. Your injuries deserve immediate medical treatment and aggressive legal advocacy. Call 866-930-8617 or 619-573-6065.

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