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When A Misdiagnosis Leads To Injury

Misdiagnosis can be a matter of life and death for a patient relying on quick and effective treatment. When a doctor misdiagnoses cancer or another disease, a patient’s health can greatly suffer and treatment at this point may not be successful. At the Law Offices of Louis J. Bertsche, we help victims seek compensation and proper medical treatment following medical misdiagnosis.

If you have experienced misdiagnosis or a delay in diagnosis of any of the following conditions, contact our law office to discuss your legal options:

  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Infections
  • Meningitis
  • Misdiagnosis of child illness
  • Other disease or condition

The Dangers of Misdiagnosis

A successful recovery from many diseases depends on prompt diagnosis and treatment of the condition. If a disease or condition is misdiagnosed, or the diagnosis is delayed, the condition may become less treatable or untreatable.

Doctors can and do make mistakes in diagnosing medical conditions. In the age of managed care, our physicians spend less time with patients and make more mistakes. Misinterpreting test results, improper testing, and other mistakes can cause a disease to go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. When this happens, and a doctor or other healthcare professional exhibited negligence in some way, a patient has legal options. Attorney Louis Bertsche has years of experience representing victims of medical malpractice, and he can explain your options if you have suffered due to misdiagnosis.

Taking Prompt Action After Misdiagnosis

A delayed diagnosis can hurt chances of a successful recovery. Similarly, delaying contacting an attorney if you have been harmed by misdiagnosis can also be damaging. The sooner you contact a medical malpractice attorney, the sooner he or she can begin talking to doctors, examining medical information, and building a case on your behalf.

At the Law Offices of Louis J. Bertsche, we represent clients throughout San Diego and the entire Southern California area who have been affected by a medical misdiagnosis. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options, contact our law firm today by calling or 619-573-6065.