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LJB | Law Offices of Louis J. Bertsche | Serving Southern California Since 1992


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Injuries suffered on someone else’s property may be due to the negligence of the property owner. Though these instances may be embarrassing for the victim, it is important that they are reported in order to begin the process of protecting your rights to file a claim for injuries.

Attorney Louis J. Bertsche has 25 years of experience that he uses when handling premises liability cases at our San Diego firm. He is a dedicated lawyer who understands the specifics of premises liability and other personal injury cases. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact us toll free at or locally at 619-573-6065.


A slip-and-fall at a grocery store or other type of store may be preventable with the proper signage and recognition by the store personnel. If a dangerous area was known about, nothing was done to protect patrons, and you fell, it may be possible for us to pursue compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering sustained due to the fall.

Inadequate Security

Property owners are responsible for providing adequate security measures in order to ensure the safety of their patrons. Unfortunately, the lack of lighting, security guards or surveillance cameras can lead to assaults in shopping malls, parking ramps, parking lots and other areas. We represent individuals who have been injured as the result of negligent security measures.

Dog Bites

Dog owners have a responsibility to control their animals. Even if a dog runs off of their owner’s property, the owner is still responsible for any injuries that are inflicted on others. Our firm provides assistance to clients who have sustained serious bites and scarring as the result of a dog attack or attack by another animal.

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