October 2019: $1,500,000.00 settlement with physician for delayed diagnosis of cancer resulting in death of client;

We began this case representing our 67-year-old client who had recently been diagnosed with metastatic bladder cancer. We alleged that our client’s urologist ignored abnormal findings on an abdominal CT scan that showed evidence of bladder cancer when the urologist was treating client for early-stage Prostate Cancer. The defendant went ahead with the surgical removal of our client’s prostate without confirming the true nature of the abnormal CT finding and as a result, cut through the active bladder tumor and physically spread the bladder cancer around our client’s abdominal cavity, resulting in physical metastasis of the bladder cancer. Our client, who was the sole bread winner in the family, passed away from the metastatic bladder cancer before we were able to get the case to trial. We then switched over to representing his 19-year-old son and wife in the wrongful death case. Our efforts allowed our clients to live without worry of losing their home, not being able to pay for college, pay other bills, etc.